Meet Our Family



Don Denver profile

Meet Don…. Don has his Bachelors of Arts in Corporate Communications.  He’s definitely a talker by nature.  It doesn’t matter who it is.  He loves spending time with his family.  He enjoys a healthy competition whether it’s an activity at the park with the kids, playing basketball with friends, fantasy football and basketball, or poker.

Erica Erica.jpg

Meet Erica….Erica has been married to Don for 12 years.  She is pretty busy these days between work, blogging, and watching her kids play sports.  Erica has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  She enjoys planning family activities, thrifting, date nights, and traveling.


Meet Jordan….. Jordan is very laid back and a true sports guy.  Jordan began playing sports when he was 6 years old.  He earned the nickname Hamburger as a young football player because he was a chunky kid. He has since thinned out but the name stuck.  He plays basketball and baseball but he’s beginning to lean more towards basketball. He’s not that tall though.  His parents would love for him to choose baseball because of the guaranteed money and less physical contact.  He enjoys hip hop music, cooking, and traveling.


Meet Jada….. Jada cares about everything and everybody. She enjoys going on bike rides with her friends.  Jada is responsible and always looking out for her brother and sister. She has a very giving heart but also feels entitled to everything the world has to offer.  She’s a very hard worker so we are optimistic that she will have all that her heart desires.  She enjoys party planning and has recently picked up baking.  She plays both softball and soccer but soccer is her true passion.   The soccer field brings out her fiesty side.  Jada also loves arts and crafts, traveling, and technology.


Meet Jurnee…..Jurnee is a little fashionista.  She is gifted and a human sponge.  Jurnee’s favorite sports are softball and soccer. She really hates bugs and cleaning. She plays her role as the baby of the family very well; often times manipulating her brother and sister into doing the things she does not want to do.  Jurnee enjoys school, arts and crafts, and traveling.


Meet Tyson….Tyson is a 6 year old Pit/Boxer mix.  He enjoys big hugs and belly rubs.  He can never get enough.  In his free time, he loves to chase down rabbits and squirrels in the back yard.